#CampNaNoWriMo Day 20: 54.8k, draft finished and win!

So, a few things happened today. I finally got off my butt and validated my win, which was about as annoying as I expected since I can’t just copy-paste the whole thing from Scrivener in one bite. I also finished the first draft. YEAH! I still hate the epilogue but there are some cool parts that I might try to salvage when I revise. I have the winner’s certificate, which I’m gonna post with the tweets.

Interesting tidbit: Scrivener is about 100 words too generous compared to LibreOffice and the Camp NaNoWriMo wordcount validator. Huh.

The final draft is 23 chapters long, including the epilogue, and comes in at a bit over 87k, so my estimates about how much I had left to write were fairly accurate. Given I’m usually a bad judge of wordcount, that’s not too shabby.

draft finished

Another nice thing about this month: with the exception of day 1 when I was busy performing, I have written every single day. That’s huge for me. I don’t usually write every day even when I’m on top of things. I didn’t always write much, but I got something down every day. That’s not something I can maintain for long, but it was nice to have done it.

camp july wrote every day

Also, it’s a pretty cool day for me on this blog. It’s my eight-year anniversary of this blog being a thing WOO! This blog started out as primarily a writing blog when I was sixteen years old. Please don’t go looking for my old posts *shifty eyes*. I have changed a lot since then.

wordpress anniversary

Time for Twitter!

#WIPjoy day 18:

#WIPjoy day 19:

#WIPjoy day 20:

Edit: Here’s day 21 of #WIPjoy, since it’s the last day anyway.

The winner’s certificate:

I’ve managed to wrangle an excerpt from the epilogue that isn’t too spoilery, but it’s very short in order to manage that. I’m not gonna give context because the context is a big-ass spoiler in itself. So, enjoy what’s probably my favourite part of the epilogue: Eira and Tesana being girlfriends. Also, for anyone who read earlier stuff about Tesana, you might notice that I’ve finally decided on what she looks like:

Tesana and I slip away after a dessert of sweetened fruit yogurt—Huntsman has a pomegranate instead—and climb onto the roof. There are supposed to be fireworks tonight. We just missed them this time last year and neither of us have seen them before.

We cuddle under a blanket, watching the clear night sky. The others are heading out to the town square to watch the festivities close-up, but there’s something to be said for having a quiet night with the girl I love. It’s not often we get the whole neighbourhood to ourselves.

Tesana rests her chin on top of my head; I sometimes forget how tall she is. “I missed you.”

“I missed you.”

Her chest rumbles with a laugh. “Let’s not turn this into a game.”

“I could’ve said I missed you more.”

Do not.”

We wait. The night sky close to the town centre is washed out from the lights, but the stars are visible right above us. Little diamonds sparkling against the velvety black of night.

Then, a light shoots into the sky and shatters into a thousand golden sparkles, the air crackling and popping and hissing. More lights break the sky to pieces, in a rainbow of colours. Blue, red, green, the brightest purple I have ever seen.

My favourite remains the gold, though. The colour catches Tesana’s blonde hair and she glows like magic, her dark eyes glinting with delight. It’s hard to keep my focus on the fireworks when the girl beside me is a beacon of joy, a golden topaz of happiness.

I did have an extra paragraph but then I realised it was… you guessed it: a spoiler. Lucky I caught that.

I’m going to attempt to set this novel aside for a bit and let the objectivity sink in. I already have some revision ideas, so hopefully I can whip this thing into shape. There’s a lot I love about this story and I’d love to have this one published if it all works out.


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