#CampNaNoWriMo Day 17: 52.5k

Today was dedicated to writing Tesana’s section of the epilogue. I’ll probably have to write several versions, but I think I’m getting a better handle on what’s bothering me about it. I’m writing this original version anyway because there might be some things I can use in the improved versions.

I am dragging my feet a little bit on writing the end for two reasons: I don’t want it to end yet, and also winning doesn’t start for Camp for two more days. I normally update my wordcount the whole way through by validating, but Scrivener makes this impossible unless I copy-paste everything into a single scene or compile the damn thing into a document. If I’d known it was going to be this annoying, I probably would’ve been copy-pasting into a single extra scene from day one. But I didn’t and I can’t be bothered doing that yet. So, dawdling. Well, dawdling for my standards anyway.

My usual Twitter behaviour:

#WIPjoy day 17:

On the epilogue:

On how I’m slowly queering up every single character in this story:

So, again, everything is spoilers so I’m going to post part of Tesana’s first scene in the novel instead of something I wrote today. I think I’ve posted this before in the previous Camp NaNoWriMo in April, but I do what I want. Also, it’s in past tense because Tesana is originally living in a separate time period to Eira before they meet while both under a sleeping curse:

I never focused well on my last lesson of the day, knowing I would soon be holding court with my parents in the throne room. The imperial man trying to teach me his language usually gave up and set me free early on such days. It wasn’t that I didn’t care about learning the language of the people who might one day rule us, but sitting in a classroom conjugating verbs could not compare to speaking with the people who would one day be my subjects. I was the king’s only child, though I could never understand why my parents hadn’t tried for more. A male heir would likely be taken more seriously by the patriarchal empire than I would be.

“Something has angered the king,” a servant whispered to another, soft enough that I was evidently not expected to overhear as I passed them.

“Again?” whispered the other.

Father’s temper was famous throughout the kingdom. It would be easier to list what did not make him angry than what did. Poor harvest? Anger. Another black market uncovered in our trading port? Rage. The empire demanding our precious metals again?Private tirade before rolling over to their demands. They were bigger than us and could destroy us in a war if they so desired. Watching my ill-tempered father bite his tongue in front of their emissaries was both gratifying and worrying. If he was controlling himself, you knew the circumstances had to be dire. I didn’t want to inherit a pile of ashes for a kingdom.

True to form, Father was pacing the floor of the throne room. Our subjects were likely waiting in the receiving chamber just outside, so for now only my parents were present. The door I had used to enter was situated behind our tall thrones, hiding my presence. So I listened, just for a moment. If I had to rely only what people told me, I wouldn’t know anything at all.

“They have the gall to approach us publicly?” Father was ranting. “After what their queen did?”

“These fae tried to stop her,” Mother replied evenly, sitting calmly on her throne. Most of my features came from her—my dark brown curls, warm brown skin, round button nose. She was the daughter of a provincial governor from the empire, one of the first governors to have actually hailed from the province he oversaw.

“And failed. Were they my subjects, I would banish them from the realm.”

“We have learned not to anger the fae,” Mother kept arguing.

“Your father would be spinning in his grave if he heard you speaking like that, Lia.”

“Firstly, my father was cremated. Secondly, the empire has never faced the reality of the fae like we have. Treat them like the empire if it helps. They certainly have the same power to ruin us.”

Father sighed. “Very well. I will let them speak. But if they try anything…” I cleared my throat and he jerked to a stop, cheeks reddening. “Tesana, my child. How much did you overhear?”


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