#CampNaNoWriMo Day 9: 27k

Ta da. My first kinda shitty day. I was waiting for this to happen. The words I did get down came from sheer force of will. Huzzah. It’s still a decent wordcount, but I had to make that happen and I feel kinda gross.

I kinda want to play more Mass Effect Andromeda or Saints Row: the Third instead of writing, but I had to get something down first. I think I left my motivation in my other pyjamas…

Twitter nonsense:


#SunWIP: Theme is “clarity”


I head towards the city wall. There’s a tunnel drilled into it, hidden behind some rotting tree stumps. I planted some seedlings a few years back to keep concealing it in the event those stumps finally rot away into nothingness.

Those seedlings are as tall as I am now. There’s something invigorating about seeing something you planted grow. I pat the trunks as I slip past them.

The hole in the wall is a tight squeeze at first. Very few members of the guild know about it and even fewer can fit into it comfortably. Dad and Huntsman used to sneak through it as children and passed it onto me. Huntsman can technically get through but it’s not pleasant. He’ll just have to suck it up for today.

The hole widens after the initial squeeze into a crawling-sized tunnel. I come here every so often and clear out the moss and other gross shit that collects in here, but I haven’t been here in over a year. My hands are already covered in slime. Ugh.

I make it out to the other side and onto the sparse grass that has been drowned in saltwater during the various city floods. I scurry down the slope and rinse my hands off in the water before following the shard of land to the one building that sits on it.

I wipe my feet best I can on the coarse mat set beside the wooden door and then step inside. The warmth nearly knocks the breath clean out of my body. There are only a few patrons seated at the wooden tables crammed into the tight space. This tavern is a little out of the way for most people, hence its popularity among those whose reputations can’t take the hit from admitting their vices publicly.

“Haven’t seen you in a while, sugar.” The dark-eyed girl cleaning a table throws me a wink. “Looking for something specific?”

I lean into her ear. “I have a few friends who need somewhere to stay for the night. Are the private suites free?”

“You’re in luck, hon. Our previous tenants cleared out last night.”

I slip her a few coins, forever thankful that Huntsman thought to grab some before he fled the city. “Perfect. I’ll be back in a few minutes. Don’t breathe a word of this to anyone.”

“I am the very model of discretion… in more ways than one.”

“The fine people of the city appreciate your many services, my lady.” I give her an exaggerated bow and hurry back out the way I came. The town guard shouldn’t be patrolling the area I left everyone for another hour or so, but it never hurts to be cautious.

I race back there in record time. “We have a place.”

“That was fast,” Tesana says.

“It’s not far, and the serving girl on duty knows me.”

I don’t miss the way Tesana raises an eyebrow at that, but there’s no time to address it right now. We need to get out of the open.

I takes a little longer than I would’ve liked to get everyone through the tunnel. It’s an uncomfortable fit for both Huntsman and Tesana and I’m left waiting ahead of everyone with no real cover. If this area were any more populated, one of Queen’s agents probably would’ve seen me.

Just as well she doesn’t care about this area.


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