#CampNaNoWriMo Day 6: 17.5k

I thought today was going to be a struggle day, since the first thousand words or so were kind of hellish to write. But then I got into the flow of things and all was right in the world once again. It is a warning sign that I’m probably gonna run into some serious trouble soon, though. What would a NaNoWriMo event be without a severe case of writer’s block, after all?

There’s a scene I’m probably going to ditch in revisions, but I’ll keep it there for now. Maybe something in it is salvageable.

I should hit my 20k goal tomorrow without too much trouble. 2.5k is a fairly trivial task for me when I’m reasonably on top of things. I thought about writing more today, but I reached a nice conclusion point and the next chapter is just one massive scene that gives me no elegant place to stop writing before its end.

My twitter shenanigans:

Sidenote: why the fuck have I tortured myself by having three characters who use some variant of “Queen” in their name? Queen, Fairy Queen, and Queen Lia are three different characters omg help me.

Other assorted nonsense:

#ThruLineThurs: Todays’s theme is “meet cute” so I pulled a section from the scene where Eira and Tesana first meet properly:

And here is my chosen excerpt. It’s a short one because everything I wrote today is either a) extremely rough or b) very spoilery.

Context: The Fairy Queen, who cursed Tesana, is the first speaker. Eira is the second speaker:

“I imagine you are not yet another foolish young human come to throw your life away on a fairytale. The men who have come before you did not make it past the dragon.”

Hold on. “The dragon?”

“I did not call the dragon, I assure you.”

“The fact remains there is a dragon in my way and I was not told there would be a dragon in my way.”

“You will not be able to wake the princess until the dragon is dealt with.”

“I’m still getting used to there being a dragon at all.”

The Fairy Queen switches her gaze to Huntsman. “While the child is getting her bearings, perhaps I should just tell you what she needs to do.”

“Is there a reason you’re helping her wake the person you cursed?” Huntsman replies.

“A hundred of your years have passed since the curse took effect,” the Fairy Queen says. “The kingdom is no more. My revenge is complete. I have no need to inflict further suffering.”

“Well, that’s kind of you,” Argyle says without even a hint of sarcasm. I’m not convinced he has spoken an unkind word in his life.

“No,” says the Fairy Queen. “There is no such thing as a kind fairy. You would do well to remember that.”



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