#CampNaNoWriMo Day 4: 10.2k

I’m still keeping up my strong wordcount days, having written 4.2k today. If I keep this rate up, I’ll hit my 20k goal in three more days. That may or may not happen. Time will tell.

I surprised myself a little bit by coming up with some extra bits that I didn’t outline. That’s normal for me. I also did some quick research on medieval swimming costumes, realised that Medieval Europeans were generally discouraged from swimming because the church is a party pooper, and made up my own solution instead. Time is an illusion and historical accuracy can only go so far in fantasy fiction blah blah blah.

They swam in their clothes instead. It’s fine. It works. This whole section is going to change drastically during revisions anyway since I want to intersperse what’s happening now with what happened before as if the girls are telling each other their stories. That’ll also fix my instalove problem by giving them more time to fall in love. Because my current outline gives them, like, three chapters to fall in love and that’s not enough time. Somebody please smack my past self for me.

Here’s my #WIPjoy response for today:

And, semi-related, me trying to be funny:

And here’s my excerpt from Tesana’s perspective. Going swimming with Eira in the dream world:

I close my eyes and try to think of something I can wear for swimming. I’ve never been swimming properly before so I don’t really know what I’m technically supposed to wear. My summer nightgowns are quite light. As a child, I had one I outgrew horribly before Mother could have another made. Something of that length, proportionally speaking, might work.

I open my eyes. I’ve managed it. The white nightgown finishes around my knees and it doesn’t feel too heavy.

Eira raises an eyebrow. “Uh, just so you know, that will get transparent when it’s wet.”

Ah, well. It’s not like Eira’s never seen a girl’s body before. We both have them.

“Scared?” I tease.

“I’ll never tell,” she murmurs, right before jumping off the boards and into the bay. Her arms slowly swirl through the water and it’s clear enough that I can just see her feet kicking below.

I sit on the edge of the pier and slide into the water… and completely under the surface. I don’t have enough time to panic before Eira pulls me back up.

“You’re fine,” she says patiently. “Now, kick your legs…”

We must be quite a sight. A thief teaching a century-old princess in an undersized nightgown how to swim.

“You’ve got it,” she says after a while, floating backwards by the smallest of margins. “I’m right here if it gets too hard, okay?”

“Do you come here a lot?”

“I used to.”

“What changed?”

“The job. Dad needed me to do more in the guild as I got older and Queen always complained about me looking like a drowned rat anyway.”

“She sounds fun.”

“Exactly what I thought when I thought I was about to die from that fucking apple.”

I inhale a mouthful of water and spend a good few moments coughing it back up. Eira leads me to a rickety set of stairs, half-rotted from the water, and tries not to laugh at my reaction to her profanity.

She climbs the stairs first and reaches out a hand to help me up. As I pull myself out of the water’s grip, the nightgown sucking tight around my body, she nearly drops me back in. Right. White fabric becomes transparent when wet.

“Enjoying the show?” I tease.

“You’re a bad person,” she tells me, pulling me all the way up the steps. “Put the dress back on before I forget how to speak.”

“Are you really that affected, little thief?” I let myself take a good look at her wet shirt, which has also turned transparent in the water. It’s a pleasant view, though I imagine what she is seeing is far more confronting given it’s a full-body experience.

“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen,” she says, without inflection.

“You make my head hurt,” I reply. “Strangely, I don’t mind.”


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