#CampNaNoWriMo July 2017

I only decided a few days before July that I was going to do this, but since I’m just continuing my f/f Snow White/Sleeping Beauty retelling that’s fully outlined anyway, it’s not really an issue.

I’m aiming for 20k this time around, since I managed 15k last time without too much trouble. I had to start a day late because I had a performance on day 1, but I’ve already caught up and gone on to write a day ahead. I usually write the most in the first few days every time I do one of these challenges.

I’m using the same blurb as I did last time, with the same placeholders. I’ll have time to deal with filling in worldbuilding blanks once I’ve got a draft and a clearer vision of things.

Tesana, the last princess of [kingdom], was doomed from birth when the king and queen refused to invite the fairy queen to her Naming Day. A century later, Eira, princess of thieves and product of a fairy deal that gave her life in exchange for her mother’s, is on the run from her murderous stepmother. When both princesses are cursed to eternal slumber, only true love’s kiss will save them. But when they meet in the dream world and fall in love, they quickly realise that a kiss in the dream world is not the same as a kiss in real life. One must wake up to save the other.

There are more types of love than just romance, but the princesses are doomed to watch helplessly while Eira’s loved ones fail to realise the power to save her rests in their hands.

I haven’t written in a while so I wasn’t sure what my stamina would be like, but I managed to write 2k without any trouble and finished a full scene so all seems well at the moment.

Finding an excerpt from what I wrote today is difficult because it’s very plot-heavy and I don’t like being too spoilery in the event I actually make this thing good enough to get published. However, it’s not exactly a secret that sleeping curses happen so I managed to find a short section from Princess Tesana’s perspective. Marcus is her betrothed, who is from the neighbouring empire:

Father did not have the patience to explain things, so Mother took control once again.

“A fairy cursed her as a baby to die on her sixteenth birthday,” she said. “The other fairies present weakened the curse but could not destroy it entirely. I know this because I saw it with my own eyes, heard with my own ears. Our beliefs are very much tangible, Marcus. Are yours? When was the last time one of your gods spoke to one of you directly?” Those gods were once Mother’s gods, too, but I had never seen her make sacrifices or worship them. Knowing what I knew now, perhaps she stopped believing in them existing at all when the Fairy Queen cursed me. Fairies were definitely real. The gods were a little more debatable.

Marcus shrugged. “I am no priest or lorekeeper. I will… trust your eyes.”

“As you should.” Mother was queenly in the utmost tonight, back straight to take advantage of her height, eyes sharp and commanding. “There is only one way to break a sleeping curse, or she will sleep forever. You may be able to save her.”

Marcus adjusted one of my curls where it lay on the pillow. “May?”

“I am afraid some of this may be up to her,” Mother said. “The only thing that can wake her is True Love’s Kiss.”


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