Marginalized Book Bloggers You Should Be Following

I thought I’d share this in case anyone who reads my blog was interested in following more diverse book bloggers.

Bookishness and Tea

Since I started blogging, I’ve read many, many blogs and found a lot of lists of favorite blogs, but in the year and a half, I have read zero largelists of marginalized bloggers. (I’m sure a few exist, but none that I’ve come across or seen being promoted.) That’s where today’s post comes in. On Twitter, I asked for bloggers that were a part of a marginalized identity to link their blog if they wanted to be included so that I could compile this post.

This is nowhere near a comprehensive post. Instead, it is only the beginning, and I hope it grows and grows.

Why are marginalized book bloggers important?

We can read books with characters of the same marginalized identities and promote them with even more fervor because we saw ourselves in them.

We can read books critically and point out flaws and problematic aspects in the representation.

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