#NaNoWriMo Day 14: 24k (plus excerpt)

I pulled out 2.7k today to keep me a tiny bit ahead of the curve. I’m kind of alternating between good days and downright awful days at the moment. Sometimes I’m not hitting par and then have to make up for it with the next day. I’m getting to the point where I’m not so enamoured with this novel anymore and I definitely feel like I’m dragging things out when they don’t need to be dragged and underdeveloping the stuff that’s actually meant to be happening plotwise. No way am I going back to try and fix things until after I have a draft, though. I’ll end up getting stuck if I try that. So ahead I plough even though I’m kind of hating my own writing at the moment.

Good times! At least I’m still keeping up in terms of wordcount somehow.

Anyway, excerpt. All the werewolves in the family, but especially Selene, are feeling some servere affects from the upcoming full moon than they usually do. And Selene and Phoebe are trying to rehearse their dance troupe’s routine while feeling that way. What could go wrong?

There was nothing for it. I stepped out and to the sink, washing my hands. Natalie was leaning against the broken hand dryer, arms crossed with a familiar drink bottle in one hand and a tiny makeup bag in the other.

Came to powder your nose?”

Natalie held out my bottle. “Yes. Figured I may as well check on you while I’m here.”

I threw my head back and downed several gulps, wiping my mouth. “Thanks, I guess?”

If you and your sister aren’t well, you can sit out, you know.”

I’m quite a stubborn individual, in case you haven’t noticed.”

I have.” Natalie pulled a little tub of powder out of her makeup back, sidling in front of the mirror. “Look. I appreciate the effort, okay?” She tapped the little puff against her face. “But, you know, vomiting is one of those situations where you’re totally allowed to wuss out of dancing.”

And you won’t try to convince Miss Nguyen to pull me out of things?”

Natalie, to her credit, blinked once but otherwise didn’t react. “Consider this a truce. For today.”

I left her there and headed back to the classroom. We didn’t try the lift again today, but Natalie did teach a little more of the routine. Phoebe and I stopped once everything had been taught and they were just going over it again and again. My blood sugar wasn’t impressed with the lack of food I was giving my body.

Afterwards, Natalie caught up with us on the way to the car. “Is that your ride?”

Yeah,” I replied. “What of it?”

Just making sure the two dead people make it home in once piece.” She waited by the fence while we got into the car, before looping her arm with her sister Jamie and walking off the school grounds.

I am officially confused,” said Phoebe.

Did you know she was checking on me in the bathroom?”

Yeah. Was she rude?”

Not for her standards.” I leaned my head against the window as Mum started driving. Normally Dad picked us up in the afternoons, but not when the full moon was approaching.

The plot thickens.”

I’m sure she’ll be back to her usual charming self as soon as we’re not dead anymore.”

So, she’s nice to sick people?”

Apparently.” I guess not everyone could be awful all the time. Not even Natalie, who was probably the next incarnation of Satan.


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