#NaNoWriMo Day 12: 21k (plus excerpt)

I forgot to do this yesterday! Writing was a little bit easier than it was the day before. Would have been easier still if I didn’t keep making painful typos.

I’m second-guessing a lot of the stuff going on with the minor antagonist Natalie. I am planning to deconstruct the whole girl hate thing later in the manuscript, but right now it’s just reading as a bucketload of internalised misogyny. Ah, well. That’s what first drafts are for. I’ve never complete a full draft of this thing before so a lot of things are going to remain foggy until I’ve done that.

With Miss Nguyen’s presence, the rest of the rehearsal passed with no further incidents. Most of the girls left a little early while the small group showed Miss Nguyen our section.

It’s tight,” she said. “You’ve got the rest of the section choreographed?”

I want to do a lift,” Natalie said, “but I don’t know if the school’s gonna let us.”

What sort of lift are you thinking?”

Natalie held her arms out to the side and leaned back slightly. “One person. Everyone else is lifting. Might use it to get the other girls on and turn it into an enormous clump. Or a swarm.”

Best we pick someone small for that,” Miss Nguyen replied, “but I don’t see why I couldn’t convince the powers that be. You can’t get much safer with a lift. Who were you thinking?”

Natalie shrugged and smiled. “I don’t know who has experience with lifts.”

Miss Nguyen turned to the rest of us. “Girls, have any of you been lifted before?”

Phoebe and I put our hands up.

We’ve been on both ends of a lift,” I said, because Natalie was staring at me and I wasn’t sure if I trusted her to do the lift properly if it was me or Phoebe up there. Not that we’d get hurt or anything, but falling sucks for everyone involved even if no one gets hurt.

We’re both pretty strong and know how to get ourselves out of danger if something happens,” Phoebe added.

Smaller might be better,” Miss Nguyen said, looking between me and Natalie.

Selene’s got more experience than I do anyway,” Phoebe said.

Aw, shucks.”

Miss Nguyen clapped Natalie on the shoulder. “Nat, since it’s your vision, it might be best if you’re on support with the others so you can step out and make corrections.”

Natalie had a moment of stillness, before she nodded. “Good idea, Miss.”

Well, that certainly wasn’t going to endear me to her, though I was pretty sure I couldn’t salvage any kind of positive relationship between us anyway.


2 thoughts on “#NaNoWriMo Day 12: 21k (plus excerpt)

  1. I love the idea of tackling girl hate, and I think internalized misogyny, even though it’s not what you’re aiming for, is also a totally valid thing to write about and tackle, since it afflicts so many.


    • The issue I’m having is that the way the writing is going at the moment, there’s not much of a critique of that going on. I’ve got plans in my outline to deal with that later in the novel but I’m concerned it won’t be enough to undo any damage done earlier. I’ll fix it later if that happens.

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