#NaNoWriMo Day 11: 19k (plus excerpt)

I barely wrote anything this week but somehow managed to keep my nose just ahead of par. I have a week off from class now so hopefully I can get more done… in between an audition, rehearsing for another audition, rehearsing for an end of year performance and probably like 500 other things I’ll realise I need to do at the last minute as I tend to do.

Also, I managed to sprain my ankle by finding a pothole… with my foot.

And then a sweaty Connor threw himself to the grass at my side. “Need a rescue?”

Kayla called me a cupcake,” I replied, deadpan.

Has she tried to eat you?”

It’s only a matter of time.”

Is there such a thing as a normal twin?” said Kayla.

Probably not,” Zoe replied.

Sharing a womb is a hell of a bonding experience,” I said.

The bell rang and the girls took that opportunity to flee from the weird twins. Connor leapt to his feet and offered me a hand up. Didn’t really need it, but I humoured him.

You’re freaking out,” he said, letting the others pass us before we started walking.


You know, if you don’t want Mathias near you, I could make that happen.”

You sound like a mob boss.”

Connor snorted. “I mean, if that’s what it takes.”

And everyone thinks I’m the violent one.”

Okay, but seriously.” Connor halved his pace; we were already halfway to the lockers, used to hauling ass to get there before the crowds. “He can go make other friends. You were here first and you shouldn’t feel like you’re being pushed out just so you don’t have to deal with him.”

Yeah, but the other guys seem to like him. I doubt they’d be happy if you tried to push him out for my sake. You’re a newcomer, too, and he hasn’t done anything wrong.”

For once I wish he had,” Connor muttered. “Say the word and I’ll find a way.”

Don’t hold your breath.” I wasn’t about to let Connor risk his friends for something this petty. I could cope alone if I had to, but he certainly couldn’t. Connor thrived on being around people while I tended to find them mildly terrifying.

Family’s more important to me than friendship,” Connor said as we stepped inside the senior building. “At least I know you’re still going to be around when the year’s over.”

I’m turning you into a pessimist and it’s freaking me out.”

Connor shrugged. “Maybe I always was one and just didn’t want anyone to know.”

That’s not helping, Connor.”

He slapped an exaggerated fake smile on his face and dived into the locker room.


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