#NaNoWriMo Day 6: 18k (plus excerpt)

I wrote 4k today in two blocks. The last block I wrote 2k in an hour and promptly lost my brain so the writing deteriorated into a whole lot of semi-nonsensical rambling. I was also far enough gone that I found it absolutely hilarious.

Anyway, roll up, roll up, free compliments from your friendly neighbourhood bisexual. Heh. Friendly.


There was a bit of back-end character development for the protagonist’s twin brother on the romance front. Selene, the protagonist, also may be a little overprotective because her brother, Connor, has a habit of getting his heart broken and then diving back into the dating game for more punishment. Selene’s little sister, Phoebe, also kicks her up the butt for freaking out over actually having a crush on someone.

Mathias threw a cricket ball to me. “Can you bowl?”

I could bowl just fine. It was easier than batting when it came to controlling my strength, actually. I tossed the ball and caught it, throwing him a sharp smile I knew unnerved people. He just smiled wider, which certainly wasn’t helping me right now.

You batting?”

If you like.”

You’re on.” Better to be up and moving than sitting around and moping about life. I had turned moping into an art form over the years, but even artists needed a break every so often.

How’d you manage that?” Nick said, watching me step into the centre of the concrete block that probably should’ve been removed years ago but still existed for some reason. Who needed skin on their knees anyway?

Good looks and charm, Nick,” Mathias replied, grabbing the cricket bat from Ethan. I’m pretty sure Ethan winked at him as the exchange happened. Fucking traitor.

Quit staring and get into position,” I told everyone.

Give us a second to witness the miracle here,” José said. I made to throw the ball at him. Hard. “Okay, we’re going.”

Should we be scared?” Tyler said as he jogged backwards into a decent field position.

Only if you’re up next to bat,” Connor called from the edge of the field. Janice jerked his face back to hers.

I rubbed the ball against my dress because what was the point in playing if you couldn’t take the piss out of professional players who did that all the time? I didn’t bother with any of that underhand throwing crap they used to make us do in primary school. We were big enough and ugly enough to handle a proper throw.

I pulled my arm back. Bowled. Bounced. Right past Mathias and into the wicket. Ha.

Mathias dropped the cricket bat to wave his arms and body around in some kind of weird bow.

Ethan punched my shoulder, laughing his head off. “That’s it. You’re not allowed to sit out anymore.”

We need you the next time someone gets too big for their boots,” added José, shaking his head at Mathias. “This guy… for weeks. No one could get a ball past him.”

Thought we’d need a pin to deflate that massive head of his,” said Tyler.

If that’s what throwing like a girl means, we should all give it a shot,” Nick added. That was probably the least misogynistic thing he’d said in his life.

See?” said Ethan. “Even Nick couldn’t be a dick today. You’re a wizard, Selene.”

Mathias joined the group around me, holding out his hand. “Good play. I can always trust you to bring me down a peg.”

I shook his hand. “It’s a gift.” We were touching and I was totally not going into heart palpitations. No way. It was just adrenaline… from my one piece of physical activity all day. Yeah.


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