#NaNoWriMo Day 5: 14k (plus excerpt)

I wasn’t sure I was going to make par today, but I pushed on to 2k–1k in the early hours of the morning and the other 1k around 11 pm. Thus far I’ve only fallen short of par on one day, and have more than compensated on the days surrounding it. I prefer to aim for 2k since it’s more of a round number and means I can gradually build up my buffer wordcount in case things to go hell. Incidentally, I’m one of those people who will save first aid kits and potions in video games in case of emergency and finish the game with an inventory full of that crap.

I’ve introduced some more minor characters. The protagonist, Selene, has now met all of her siblings’ new friends and a few more girls involved in a dance troupe her sister’s friends roped her into joining. There is some girl hate at the moment but it’ll change later on. Also, my dance training is finally coming in handy. And by “dance training” I mean two years of training that has improved my general knowledge of dance, but not so much my actual technique in practice.

Selene also continues crushing on Mathias and hating life because of it.

I’ll have to explain some things for the excerpt to make sense. The girls Selene is talking to are the girlfriends of some of (Selene’s twin brother) Connor’s friends. There’s also another girl who has interest in Connor but she plays football with the boys while the other girls generally don’t. Selene can’t play much without risking injury to someone else because of her strength and speed that come from being a werewolf, even in human form. Dance is easier for her to pull off without hurting anyone or tipping them off she’s got something extra going on.

Are you playing hard to get on purpose?” Zoe asked, joining us on the grass at the edge of the field.

I’m just an extremely petty person, actually.”

Looked like hard to get to me,” said Kayla.

And it’s working,” added Lauren, jerking her head towards Mathias near the goalposts. The ball wasn’t anywhere near him at the moment, so he was watching us. He looked away as soon as we made eye contact.

I’m not playing anything.”

So you’re just a natural,” said Zoe. “Aw, you’re blushing.”

I pressed the back of my hand to my burning cheek. “Shut up.”

This can’t be your first crush,” said Kayla. “How old are you, exactly?”

Don’t you have to like people to have crushes on them?” Then again, Mathias annoyed the piss out of me sometimes and that didn’t seem to be diminishing my interest.

Oh my God, it is your first.”

I’m a late bloomer.” They didn’t know the half of it.

This is exciting,” said Lauren. “We’re watching our little girl grow up.”

I just rolled my eyes. It was weird how people could get so attached after only knowing each other for a few weeks.

You’ve got to stop avoiding him,” Zoe said. “What are you afraid of?”

It’d be easier to list what I’m not afraid of.” There went my stone cold reputation, assuming I ever had one here. I hadn’t been able to muster my usual aloofness that had served me well in the past. You couldn’t be heartbroken over leaving people behind if you didn’t connect to them in the first place. The thought I’d have to sever all ties with these people one day in the not so distant future buzzed in my brain, and I couldn’t help but think that, maybe this time, I wouldn’t have that armour of distance to protect me.

Zoe threw her arm around me. “All right, young padawan. Time for you to learn our ways.”

Padawans who start after a certain age don’t have the greatest track record when it comes to not ruining everything ever,” I pointed out.

Yeah, but you have us,” said Kayla.

We’re smarter than a bunch of stuffy old Jedi masters any day,” Lauren added.


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