#NaNoWriMo Day 4: 12k (plus excerpt)

Only managed 2k today, but it’s not the worst I’ve done and at least I’m keeping pace with staying three days ahead. I’d like to increase that margin when possible. That’ll happen Saturday evening or in the early hours of Sunday morning, I’d imagine.

There’s a lot of random scenes that don’t really add to the story at the moment, but this draft is a discovery as much as it is anything else so any scene that shows me how these characters behave towards each other is going to help me even if it ultimately gets cut in revisions.

I also just realised my protagonist, Selene, shares a name with the protagonist of a movie franchise that has like vampires and werewolves in it but whatever. I like the name and it’s staying. Let the record show I didn’t actually know that was the character’s name at the time and it’s not my fault, okay?

Anyway, I’m gonna do two excerpts today because I have a silly little conversation arc that pops up in two different scenes. The first one occurs the morning after a full moon (Selene, her younger sister Phoebe and their dad are werewolves while Connor and their mother are not).

I woke in bed, my right arm secured to my chest, throbbing in time with my heart. Stinging on my face, pressure.

Connor jerked away, fabric in his hand. “Just me.”

I stilled. Connor put the fabric back on my face. Stinging again. I lay still. Disinfectant.

I tried to speak. Nothing came. I cleared my throat.

“Broke your arm,” Connor said, answering the question I’d been unable to voice. “It’s not too bad. Should be fine by dinner if you rest up. Maybe morning if you’re really exhausted. Just trying to get these cuts cleaned before they close on me.” I weathered a little more stinging before he set the fabric on my bedside table and sat on the edge of the bed. “Dad’s already up. Phoebe’s resting, but she’s fine. You’re worst off, but what else is new?”

“Funny,” I managed around the knives of my throat.

“One of us has to be the funny twin.”

“Who says it’s not me?”

“Sel, you’re not funny.”

“Am too.”

“Stop talking before you make your throat even worse.”

“You’re just scared of losing.”

Connor poked my shoulder. “Am not.”

“Well, this is touching.” Dad leaned against the doorframe, face still drained of colour from the previous night.

“Go to bed, Dad,” said Connor.

“Just checking on my favourite twins.”

“We’re your only twins,” I said.

“That you know about.”

I had to groan. “It’s too early for this shit.”

Dad chuckled quietly, probably about the best he could manage. “How’s the arm?”



“I wouldn’t mind having it chopped off right about now.”

Connor snorted. “And how would we manage that without getting silver into your bloodstream?”

“Get creative.”

And the second one is at school a couple days later. Ethan is one of Connor’s friends. Mathias, Selene’s current love interest, features a tiny bit here. I’m not 100% happy with their development thus far but I’m just gonna have to suck it up for the moment.

“Connor said you’re hanging with your sister at the moment,” Mathias said.

“She and her friends roped me into a dance troupe,” I replied. “Probably best I make some friends with the girls who are gonna be there before we start rehearsals.” That and I was running away like a coward from the one guy I’d really felt anything about. It was just a crush. It’d pass eventually. Until then, I wasn’t going anywhere near him if I could help it.

“You’re dancer?”

I shrugged.

“She’s just being modest for once in her life,” Connor said, having been waiting for us at the door to the senior building. He threw me a tub of crackers and cheese. “What’s up with Ethan?” Said Ethan had bent the cover of his exercise book, glaring at it like it had murdered his family.

“Ms White gave half the class a detention for forgetting to read a chapter of the novel,” Mathias answered.

“Yeah, I’ve heard she does that.”

“First offence,” Ethan muttered. He slipped past us into the building.

“I’ll cheer him up,” Mathias said, following him.

“Hanging out with Phoebe again?” Connor asked.

I cracked open the tub and shoved a cracker in my mouth, throwing in the cheese as an afterthought. “That was the plan.”

“Come hang with us at recess at least. Cheer Ethan up a bit.”

“I’m not the cheering type.”

“Your presence is more than enough, I assure you.”

I rolled my eyes. “Not my fault boys fall head over heels for any girl who gives them the time of day.”

“Hey, I resemble that remark.”


“Told you I’m the funny twin.”

“You can’t be the smart twin and the funny twin. That’s not fair.”


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