#NaNoWriMo Day 3: 10k (plus excerpt)

I seem to write at my best when I’m using it to procrastinate for something else. Another late-night blur of writing that I don’t really recall that well. I’m actually surprised I wrote 4k because I swear I was pausing a lot. Ah, well. I wrote a lot. YAY!

(Edited after the fact to add: I have introduced the protagonist–Selene’s–male love interest at this point but it’s kinda weird and I don’t like it much. I’m leaving it because NaNoWriMo but it’ll need a crapload of editing before I’m willing to show it to anyone. In any case, I’m not aiming for a typical romance story with him because of circumstances that are spoilerific but he’s not the be-all and end-all for Selene in terms of romance. The dude’s name is Mathias, for future reference. He’s not in this excerpt.)

By the time the class was over and we were free for recess, I wanted to stuff my ears full of cotton wool and hide behind the bicycle sheds I’d spotted on my way off the bus today. It was either that or scream, though that option seemed all the more appealing after someone bumped into me for the third time in the locker room. It had seemed spacious enough this morning, but turned into a broom closet when every student in my year was trying to get to their locker at the same time. The sound was a physical force unto itself.

Come on.” Connor pulled me out with him, shoving a muesli bar into my hand. “I brought extra.” He did that every year. Got me out of the locker room before it tore my head apart.

I watched the boys play half-assed football under the shade of a tree. The girls were somewhere else for the moment, but I preferred the quiet anyway. I needed to calm down before music class. At least it was something I actively enjoyed, but it was also loud as shit from past experience.

We’ll have more of a crowd at lunch,” Nick said, offering me a hand up as the bell rang. “Time to charm everyone and make friends, hey?” Ethan jabbed him in the ribs on the way past.

Like you charm the ladies?” Connor threw salt into the wound, linking his arm with mine. “Come on, sis. We’re off to see the wizard.”

So are you looking for a brain, a heart or courage?” I replied.

A home, actually.”

Okay, right in the feels. And, yes, I actually did just think that.

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