#NaNoWriMo Day 2: 6k (plus excerpt)

I didn’t get much done on day 2, but 800 words is better than nothing and I’m still ahead for the time being. There’s not a whole lot to say about how the writing went, since it’s all a blur of late-night typing that I honestly couldn’t describe if I tried. Mainly because I don’t remember it.

It’s weird writing in a modern Australian setting, though I’m not explicitly stating that’s where we are. Typically I write Americans or characters living in a crappy future Australia that’s pretty much unrecognisable from how it is today. I’ve been infected by American literature, clearly.

I’m not tracking what I wrote on each day like I have in the past, so I’ll just pull extracts from wherever I feel is appropriate (aka what I think is least awful).

The sun beat down mercilessly like we were living in a prickly grass oven, but somehow the threat of having to fight Phoebe in the evening in front of Uncle James made it more tolerable. Over time, some girls trickled into the field to sit with me, pointing out their boyfriends.

Kayla, Tyler’s girlfriend.

Zoe, Luke’s girlfriend.

Lauren, José’s girlfriend. José missed the ball he was supposed to hit when he spotted her. It smacked the wicket instead. Lauren giggled while the boys teased him and gave him another try out of pity.

I was half-expecting one of you to be dating Nick after all their bluster about girls not liking him,” I admitted.

Kayla snorted. “He needs to learn how to talk to girls first.”

Assuming he’s capable,” added Lauren. “Did he stutter in front of you?”


A minor miracle,” said Zoe. There were red highlights shining out of her brown hair. She noticed me looking and smiled. “Yeah, it’s natural.”

It’s pretty.” The words came out weird, like I was trying to stuff them back into my mouth just as I said them. Now I felt like Nick trying to talk to girls.


She tells everyone about how natural her hair is,” said Lauren. “I think she was just born a witch, personally.”

Zoe smacked her with her hat. “Witches float, genius. You’ve seen me try to swim.”

Lauren smacked her right back. “I still don’t know how you passed PE last year.”

Crying. Lots and lots of crying.”

That’s the answer to a lot of questions,” said Kayla.

If you imply that’s how I got a boyfriend one more time…”

I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


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