WIPJoy Day 8 Expanded Answers

This month I’m participating in the Twitter hashtag #WIPJoy that encourages writers to answer a daily question about the piece they’re working on. I’ve been somewhat successful keeping it to the 140 characters for the most part, but I wanted to expand Day 8’s response to include examples. So instead of clogging the tag with multiple successive tweets, I’ll collect them here.

Day 8: Name something experienced with each sense in your WIP

Sight: Fire

I have a lot of examples for this one, because one of the characters in Coldfire (the name of which I really need to change because it’s no longer relevant) can conjure fire magically.

Valora set the man’s sleeve on fire. Her next fireball missed, hitting the wall instead, when her captors wrenched her arms behind her back.

Sound: The ping of a key in a wastepaper bin

Darian made a beeline for the wastepaper basket. Knowing Raoul, he probably threw it out with a stack of papers. Darian shook the bin and heard a ping. Bingo. She shoved the key in her pocket and went to the door.

Smell: Cinnamon

Valora flipped her hair, wafting a faintly sweet, but spiced smell through the car. Cinnamon? Darian couldn’t stop smelling it, to the point it was actually a relief when they finally reached the airport.

Taste: Tree sap on the tongue

Raoul gently pressed his fingers to the grass, gently swishing them side-to-side. Darian mirrored him, the magic tasting lightly of sap on her tongue as the grass swayed with them.

Touch: A yellowing page against one’s fingers

She spent the rest of the night in the basement library, accessible through a door set into the staircase. She hadn’t been able to pack any of her books, and she was starting to miss the feel of a yellowing page against her fingers.

That one didn’t require much expansion, to be honest.


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