Camp NaNoWriMo Day 10

I hit my revised 30k goal today, then went on and set a goal for 35k, which I also hit. I’ll move it up to 40k when I’m closer to the goal, but I don’t want to overextend myself. The last thousand was a struggle to write today. I’m nearing the end of the novel itself, not far off from the big climax scene. I should be able to write another 15k, I’d imagine. Whether I actually go for the 50k this month isn’t set in stone yet. I’m upping my goals as I approach them.

School starts back on Tuesday, so I’ve got one more day where I can mostly write before my days are sacrificed to the great musical theatre gods. Sondheim is hungry. That was funnier in my head.

You know what else isn’t funny? My excerpt. This wasn’t a particularly funny writing session. Darian wasn’t in a great mood, considering everything was going to hell in a handbasket in the plot.

Darian’s throat felt better. Allan moved to the rest of her injuries, spending the most time on her back.

“If he’d pushed you much harder, you could’ve broken your back,” Allan said. Darian really didn’t need to know that piece of information.

Raoul stirred, pressing a hand of his face. “What just…” His hand dropped. “Shit.”

“Yeah,” Darian replied. “Shit.”

“I…” Raoul frowned into the floor. “Was I…?”

“Mind controlled?” Valora finished for him. “Yep.”

“Did I…?”

“Attack Darian? Yes, you did.”

“We got here in time to prevent any permanent damage,” Allan said. “How’s your back now?”

“Better,” Darian replied.

“Any pain?”

“A little.”

Allan pressed his hand to her spine. “You’ll be fine in a minute. I’ll just give your body one more boost.”

Raoul watched the healing, not meeting Darian’s eyes in a manner that felt deliberate. Not that Darian was exactly sure she could deal with eye contact from him right now anyway.

“How am I… myself again?”

“I healed the mind control out of you,” Allan replied. “There. How’s that feel?”

“Stiff,” Darian replied.

Allan dug his thumbs into the muscles on either side of her spine. “Try to relax. This’ll help.”

It went against instinct to relax her muscles while someone was stabbing her with their fingers, but she did her best.

“Do you remember anything, Raoul?” Cassandra asked.

“Bits and pieces. It’s coming back to me.” Raoul got his feet under him and used the desk to stand up. Darian managed to clamp down on her immediate instinct to shrink away, but, judging from Raoul’s face, he’d sensed it anyway.


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