Camp NaNoWriMo Day 9

I did indeed hit 25k today. In fact, I got to 29.3k and probably would’ve written more if the website wasn’t being a pain about letting me update my wordcount. It took me hours to convince it I’d written my last thousand words. I was strongly tempted to throw something by the end of it. Apparently a lot of people have been dealing with this issue. Huzzah.

I upped my goal to 30k. I’ll make that tomorrow, assuming I’ll be able to update my goddamn wordcount.

This was a very plot-heavy writing section, which made picking an excerpt that makes sense out of context a little difficult. So I picked two shorter excerpts, since I felt like I was cheating you all by only posting one, considering I wrote 5.5k today.

Ta da #1:

“That was cute,” Darian said as she and the other three fell onto Allan’s bed again.

“You handled it well,” Raoul replied, leaning against the doorframe. “I was worried you were going to punch someone.”

“Give me a few days to work up to it.”

“The concerning thing is, I believe you.”

“Good. Fear me.”

Valora snickered at her side. “That’s adorable.”

Darian didn’t have a comeback for that, which only made her laugh harder. And then Raoul joined in because he was a terrible person.

“I can hear the weather getting worse,” Allan said once they’d all calmed down enough to listen to him. “We might be delayed after all.”

“Please no,” said Cassandra. “I don’t actually want to see Darian punch someone.”

“Relax. I’m not actually going to do it.”

“Yet,” Raoul finished for her.

Ta da #2:

“It’s not over,” Darian said, closing her fingers around Valora’s fists. “Not while we’re still breathing, okay?”

Valora let out a heavy breath. “Okay. We’re not gonna let them win this.”

“Good.” The situation made Darian feel uncharacteristically bold, even going as far as cupping Valora’s chin in her hand. “We can ask the Gaean council for help. Greene’s already on board. The others can’t ignore something of this scale. We’ll go over your notes, see if there’s anything else we can use.”

“There might be,” Valora replied. “A countermeasure. I don’t think we can do it on a mass scale, but a few of us at a time should be manageable.”

“Perfect. That’ll buy us more time if the worst happens.”

Valora closed her eyes, leaning her forehead against Darian’s. “If it happens, people are going to die no matter what we do.”

“All we can do is save as many as we can,” Darian replied. “I hate it, but we can’t let that weigh us down. If it happens, we can mourn later.”

Valora’s fingers crept up to curl around Darian’s neck, heat pooling at the point of contact. “You sound like a girl who’s got her life sorted.”

Darian found herself laughing a little, despite the gravity of the situation. “Good thing you know me better than that.”


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