Camp NaNoWriMo Day 3

I’m posting this a little earlier than I normally would, but I’m going out soon and probably won’t be back before midnight anyway. I’ve hit 13.6k out of 25k and decided to alter my outline and do my own head in. It’s all good, now. I just realised the chapter I was writing was already long enough so it was worth splitting it in two. I’m a terrible judge of chapter lengths when I’m updating. I’m fairly sure I’ve got a 2k chapter, which is then followed by a 10k chapter. Ace.

The plot changes seem to be working out so far. I’ll need to untangle a few messes when this draft is over, but that’s not so unusual.

Here’s today’s excerpt:

It was light when she woke properly, her clothes damp with cold sweat. Her head was in Valora’s lap.

“I don’t remember this happening,” Darian said quietly, her throat dry.

“Can’t blame you,” Valora replied. Her fingers were in Darian’s hair. “You’ve been pretty out of it. Fever and everything. It only just broke. Allan’s sure you’ll be fine, which is just as well. He’s exhausted. The full moon’s only a few days away.”

“Right. Of course.” Weird how the illness had come on her so quickly.

“Tabitha thinks you had a bad reaction to the city after spending such a long time in open water,” Valora told her. “I guess you hadn’t recovered from overusing your magic as much as we thought.”

“I feel better.” Almost as if she hadn’t been sick at all, if it weren’t for the sweat and her throat. And maybe a touch of weakness. She was happy to keep lying here for now either way.

Allan and Cassandra were tangled up on the other couch, fast asleep. Cassandra twitched in her sleep every so often. Allan was still.

Tabitha brought out a glass of water. “She wakes.”

“Oh, you’re so funny.” Darian gulped down the drink. “You should’ve been a comedian instead of a spy.”

“I was tempted.” Tabitha set the glass aside, sitting in the tiny amount of space not taken up by Darian’s legs. “We’re touching down in a couple hours. It’s a risk flying to Canberra, but we’ve also got a shorter distance to run if anything goes wrong. Be ready to fight, just in case.”

“I wouldn’t mind punching someone if we get the chance.”

“I’ll try not to burn anyone alive in front of you,” said Valora. “Wouldn’t want to spoil your appetite for violence.”

“Cool. Thanks.”

“That’s not a courtesy she extends to just anyone,” said Tabitha. “You should feel special.”

“I feel very special.”

“She likes to wait until the third date before setting people on fire.”

“Don’t give away all my secrets,” Valora protested.

My birthday falls around the same time as the Melbourne Comedy Festival, so part of my birthday celebrations involve visiting a comedy show every year. I don’t live terribly close the city, though, so I won’t be able to write any more until day 4. So I’ll see you guys then.


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