Camp NaNoWriMo Day 1

I decided two days before April to do Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve set my wordcount goal as 25k so I’m not too stressed with trying to juggle writing and school once class starts back. I wasn’t sure how well I’d manage since I’ve already been writing a lot and I tend to go through stages of burst writing, followed by times when I can barely write anything at all. That hasn’t kicked in yet.

I managed 5.6k on the first day. I’m hoping to hit 25k in the first week, or at least get close to it so the pressure’s off later on.

I decided to keep rewriting Coldfire for this event, since I was already doing that anyway. I’ve completely overhauled the plot in parts so I’m quite confident I’ll be able to find 25k of new writing. I’ll probably have more than that, to be honest. Once I’ve got this draft finished, I also need to think of a new name for this thing. Fun.

I’m also going to share excerpts of what I write for each day, provided I’m not too embarrassed by the quality. Here’s today’s excerpt:

“We know you found something in Canberra,” said Tamesis. “An artifact.”

“Maybe the real artifact is the friends I made along the way,” Valora replied.

“We will get our hands on it one way or another,” Tamesis told her. “Give it to me and—”

Valora laughed over him. “And what? You’ll show mercy? As if. You’ve never shown mercy in your life.”

“I’m sure Miss Talker disagrees.”

“Kiss my ass,” Darian replied.

Tamesis raised an eyebrow. “Lynette, search them.”

Valora drew her arm in an arc, a semicircle of flames appearing in front of her. “Come and get us.”

Darian reached her magic out to the nearest fence, head splitting with pain, and tore it down. The effort left her breathless. They ran.

“Nice,” Valora panted as they turned a corner, finding another barrier. Allan became a blur, crashing into it with enough force to take down a small house. They kept running, slowing down as they reached a crowd. Valora dug through her backpack, finding a baseball cap, which she smashed down on her head.

“That won’t do much,” Darian said. “You’re too tall.”

Valora rolled her shoulders forward, slouching, and bent her knees a fraction. “This’ll have to do. Al, we’re not gonna make our flight.”

Now I’m going to play some Dragon Age for a few hours before midnight ticks over and I (hopefully) write some more for Day 2.


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