2012 Resolutions – How I Fared

Not particularly well. I only really completed two of them, one of which was practically a given since I have a talent for passing classes without much effort. I don’t think I’m going to even bother making resolutions for 2013. I’m not in a resolution-making mood, not to mention I barely look back at them until it’s time to tick off what I actually did in the end.

  • Finish Coldfire and submit to agents. Nope. Serves me right for completely starting the thing from scratch, though.
  • Finish the first draft of the sequel. Nope. Haven’t even started a serious attempt.
  • Revise and edit my NaNovel, not necessarily to completion, but at least to a point where reading is possible without causing spontaneous combustion of the eyeballs. I’ve done a bit of revision, but not much.
  • Do NaNoWriMo again. Yes, but I kind of just lost.
  • Do Camp NaNoWriMo (this one’s a bit iffy and will depend on my university schedule). Yes. I even won one of them.
  • Get my provisional driver’s licence, or at least rack up enough hours to take the test. lol no. Not even close.
  • Pass my first year of university. Yes.

So… not a great year for resolutions and stuff. I’m not too concerned. My uni schedule kind of dulled my taste for writing a little, but I’m picking it up again with fanfiction. So even if I’m not writing original stuff, I’m still honing my skills.

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