NaNoWriMo Day 22: 32k

I’m slowly catching up with the wordcount so I probably will win this year as long as I keep doing decent daily wordcounts. At least my “Words Per Day To Finish On Time” statistic has dipped just below 2000 words. So, what have I learned about my writing so far? I am a terrible judge of length when I’m writing an outline. I mean, really. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of my chapters was over 10,000 words, that’s how bad I am. Anyway, here’s a random excerpt. I don’t even know what days these are from anymore:

The hotel didn’t look too bad, given it was tucked away in a rather shady-looking street away from the bustle of the main city. Darian handled the check-in. The desk clerk’s English was poor and Darian spoke very little standard Arabic and none of the dialect the clerk did. They eventually tried speaking Greek, in which Darian was fluent and the clerk knew enough of to communicate effectively.

“Thank the gods we brought you along,” Valora remarked as they climbed the stairs to the second floor where their room was.

“Thank the gods a lot of Egyptians speak Greek,” replied Darian. “There are like five different Arabic dialects spoken in the country, including the standard Arabic. I know a little standard but not enough to hold a conversation, and don’t even let me try speaking one of the dialects if you don’t want me to humiliate myself. Most Egyptians know a little English because tourists are obsessed with the country, but the Saviours have hamstringed the education system which has made teaching English difficult. The education system was in trouble even before then because of the countless wars and other countries stepping all over this one.”

“You know your stuff.”

“You pick up on things when you’re stuck with the people who cripple entire nations’ education systems for breakfast,” Darian said darkly, slotting the key into their room’s door. “Africa would probably have coped fine on its own but the continent has been exploited by the West for resources and slavery for centuries. Our governments have a lot to answer for.” They entered the room and Darian closed and locked the door behind them.

As far as my excerpts go, that’s a pretty short one. It shows a bit of  real-world historical and statistical basis I’ve been using to help with the wordbuilding. When I’m revising I’ll have to chop up Darian’s little lectures so it doesn’t sound like he’s teaching a class. Oh, and I need commas. Lots of commas.


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