RTW: Where Can You Go?

YA Highway’s Road Trip Wednesday for this week poses this question:

When you need creative inspiration, where do you go?

For me, this isn’t a physical place. When I need inspiration I delve into the works of others, usually novels or music. While I’m a believer in not waiting for inspiration to strike before writing, sometimes having that extra spark can help invigorate your writing or make you think in ways you haven’t before.

For example, I’ve been considering the general plot of each book in a series I’m writing, of whichΒ Coldfire is the first. I struggled for a while to come up with a plot that would fit the last book and allow the tying up of various loose ends. It wasn’t until listening to Muse’s album ‘The Resistance’ that I finally had an idea. I’ve been honing it in my head ever since so it’ll be more polished when the time finally comes to write it (God knows when that’ll be). I usually prefer to come up with ideas by myself, but this time I was at a loss and needed help from external sources.

I also find that listening to music or reading books can re-energise me when I hit a writing slump. What usually occurs in this case is that I’ll step away from writing for a few days straight and eventually get bored and turn to reading. I usually end up reading books that I’ve already read in the past, since I already know which ones are more likely to help me out. After a few days of steady reading I usually get back in the saddle and start writing again. As for music, it usually helps me focus when writing and I tend to write more with its help in blocking out distractions.

Physical locations have never really done it for me, most likely due to my limited ability to travel since I don’t have my license yet and my hometown’s public transportation is practically useless. This might change in the future. I really hope my planned visit to Italy early next year might inspire some writing or, at least, give me a larger pool of experience which to draw from. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

16 thoughts on “RTW: Where Can You Go?

  1. Music can be a great help. It sparks a lot of creativity and inspiration. If I’m travelling somewhere or just browsing the internet I’ll always have my WiPs playlists on to keep me motivated.


  2. Reading and listening to music are big ones for me too. I’m not so big on going to a physical location for inspiration. Though, if I were writing a story set in a particular place, going there might give me more inspiration. Otherwise, I stick close to home. πŸ™‚


  3. Isn’t it cool that Muse inspired your writing–gave you your… muse? πŸ™‚

    Broadening one’s experience is good, but you can be inspired by your local surroundings. Stephen King’s novels all seem to take place in Maine, his home State. One supposes that, given he’s written, what, 50 novels now?, he’s not stuck for ideas. πŸ™‚


    • Muse, apparently, inspires a lot of writers. It’s quite aMUSEing (I should not be allowed to make jokes). I find my local surroundings to be distinctly uninspiring, to be honest. I might use bits and pieces in my novels without knowing it, but my settings are usually vastly different from what I see in my day-to-day life. Stephen King is an idea god for getting so much out of his local area πŸ™‚


  4. Music used to be a big one for me. Couldn’t go anywhere without my Walkman (yes, I realize that this makes me old). I couldn’t write without music in the background. Many of the titles of my short stories and my current WIP are song titles. But I’ve noticed in the last three years or so, I listen to music while writing less and less. I hadn’t thought about it before today, when so many people are writing about how music inspires them. I wonder what has changed for me?

    Great post!


  5. I like to take walks and just think…usually just being outside and getting my vitamin D does the trick. For me, this is my ultimate cure for writer’s block. If I think about what I will write beforehand, I’ll never stare at a blinking cursor on a blank screen.


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