Camp NaNo Day 12: 51k

After a couple of bad days due to illness, I pulled out two big writing days and hit 50k, so now the pressure’s off and I can do whatever the heck I want for the rest of the month. I don’t even know if I’m halfway through the novel, since I’ve spent most of the month floundering around searching for a plot. I think finally found it about 10,000 words ago, so hopefully the rest of the story will have more direction and less randomness. The plot’s largely going in the direction I’d hoped, although a few layers have appeared out of nowhere to isolate the main character from most of her family, leading to a fair bit of moping around and sulking.

So here’s the obligatory snippet that hopefully won’t cause blood to pour from one’s eyes. As a quick explanation, Selene, the main character, just had to use her mad werewolf skills to protect Mathias (a human) from getting killed by rogue werewolves after they had a car crash.

I crept downstairs while everyone else was getting ready for bed. Mathias was sprawled on the couch with a blanket, his foot in plaster. He smiled vaguely at me.

“Hey, hey, Selene.”


“Come here.”

I knelt by his side. He was still giving me that weird smile. He must’ve been high was a kite from the pain meds.

“Are you an angel?” he asked me. I swallowed a laugh.

“Yes, Mathias, I’m an angel,” I said sarcastically.

He gasped. “Really?”

“No.” I really had to stop being sarcastic around high people. I’d once made the mistake of doing that with Phoebe when she had some heavy-duty painkillers in her system after managing to break all her limbs during a full moon. I’d convinced her that kittens were really people who’d misbehaved as children and had been turned into cats by Santa as a punishment. Connor and I still got a laugh out of that one.

“Why’d you say yes, then?”

“Because I forgot my sarcasm doesn’t work when you’re on painkillers.”

“Selene!” Mum called from the stairs. “Leave the poor boy alone and go to bed.”


6 thoughts on “Camp NaNo Day 12: 51k

  1. My jaw just dropped to the floor seeing you did 51k in 13 days! I always imagined I would struggle to write 50k in a month and you have done so in less than have. Respect 🙂 (and the extract sounds really fun!)


  2. Hi there! I found your blog on She Writes. 50,000 words in two weeks…good for you! It took me eight months to do double that…would you recommend NaNo to someone who is not currently using it? Great blog. I’m now following. Re-follow mine if you so desire…I just switched from blogspot to wordpress, so I lost a ton of followers…I’m trying to get as many new ones as possible!



    • Whoops, my spam filter got a little overprotective. I definitely would recommend NaNo to someone who hasn’t tried it, but that doesn’t mean it’ll work for everyone. I found the deadline and concrete goal helped kick my butt into gear and write faster than I normally would, but not everyone writes the same way. I tend to draft first and edit later but some people prefer to edit as they go. The latter, while a perfectly valid writing style, can make events such as NaNoWriMo incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to complete.

      So I say give it a shot, but it’s not for everyone so don’t worry if it doesn’t suit you 🙂


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