Camp NaNo Day 3: 12k

Day three of Camp NaNoWriMo is drawing to a close. The first two days I managed a little over 5k each, but today I barely made par, which probably had something to do with going to a friend’s party last night and being too tired to write much when I got home. I’m really not impressed with what I’ve written so far. I’d say this is the worst first draft I’ve ever written, but then I think about my first novel and realize it’s pretty hard to get much worse than THAT. Regardless, it’s something I can fix once it’s finished. Here’s the beginning for anyone who’s interested:

Noise. Lockers. Screaming kids running through the corridors. My eardrums threatening to explode. New year, new school, new bunch of noisy brats bumping into me.

My twin brother cleared a path for me. “Make way, make way! We have a midget here!”

“Shut up, Connor.”

Our little sister, Phoebe, giggled. “He’s just being nice.”

Connor had arrived at our lockers. Phoebe said goodbye and wandered off to find hers in a different building.

“You have got to be kidding me,” I muttered. They’d given me the top locker. Connor stashed his books in his middle locker, laughing at me.

“It’s okay,” he said when I glared at him. “We’ll swap later.”

I shoved my bag into the locker, standing on my tiptoes. I could barely see inside the thing.

“Hey, Connor!” A few of the friends Connor had made over the last week had found us. While Connor chatted with them, I tried to organise my books for the day without attracting too much attention. The noise of the corridor was like a physical force pressing in on all sides.

It… kind of gets a bit messy from there so I won’t share anything else for the time being.


One thought on “Camp NaNo Day 3: 12k

  1. It’s okay! You have to allow yourself to just “get in on the page” in a NaNoWrimo situation. Later, when you’re done with the whirlwind first draft, you can go back and polish and restructure.


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