University is Eating My Life

I’m not going to be one of those lazy people who insists they have absolutely no time to write (because that’s hardly ever true of anyone), but I’m definitely feeling the squeeze.While I’m loving university (or college for my American readers), it’s mentally exhausting at times and the assignments tend to all come at once. I’m about to start my fifth week and have already had a test in Italian, two assignments due in the same week for Academic Writing and Literature respectively, and have an oral presentation due for Classical Mythology this coming Thursday as well as a written component due the same week. I’m also, possibly unwisely, taking part in the university’s choral society and, less unwisely, the creative writers’ club.

I know I’m at risk of sounding like an ungrateful white girl who doesn’t understand her privilege in going to university in the first place, but the truth is the workload is quite heavy (although, admittedly, not as heavy as it could be) and most of my time at home involves either food, homework, sleep or being a vegetable in front of the TV and computer. I plan to rectify this, but my writing is definitely going at a slower pace than before. I have not neglected the internet entirely, but you guys may see less of me while I’m trying to get my head on straight. Mid-semester break is coming up and I fully intend to get some crap done.

For the rest of the time, however, I’m going to look into techniques to increase my productivity, since writing is not the only thing showing the strain; I’ve also started to neglect my singing practise. I need to sort myself out soon, or I will collapse in a heap. Thanks for reading this ramble, which offered very little useful information.

So, in a last-ditch attempt to make this post useful, I shall ask a question: What techniques do you use to get writing (or anything) done when your time is limited?


11 thoughts on “University is Eating My Life

  1. Back when I was in school, I’d really just squeeze in writing whenever I could. If I was playing video games or something, I’d stop and go “I’d probably could be writing right now” and jump off.

    Now, since I take the train to work, I just try to squeeze in a little here and there during the trip. I also take an hour or so off each weekend to dedicate to just writing (preferable Sunday, since Saturdays I tend to be social).

    I remember the heavy workload days in school. Fortunately as the years went on, I was able to usually have no classes on Friday. This was incredibly helpful, because it gave me a full day to catch up on work or any other things.

    Good luck! Try to stay somewhat sane! 🙂


    • Thanks. I’ve written a bit on public transport, but since I get motion sickness if I look down too much there’s only so much I can write. Hopefully later in my degree I’ll get a day off during the week, but for now all my weekdays are devoted to class. I do have a few hours of free time on some days, but they’re mostly devoted to homework, food and recuperation at the moment. I’ll start using those once I stop being lazy 🙂


  2. If I’m crunched for time, I sneak a few minutes here and there. I also use a digital voice recorder because it’s faster to record and idea or a snippet of dialogue than it is to sit down at the computer, open my WIP, and type it. The recorders are only about $30 too, so it’s well worth the money.


    • Oh, I should add that you can get more expensive recorders that will transcribe your voice right to your computer if you’re really pressed for time. (Okay, now I sound like a sales person, but I love mine. I carry it everywhere.)


    • That’s an interesting idea. I’ve got a voice recorder for my iPod that I use to record singing lessons. Do you find expressing your thoughts verbally is easier than in writing?


  3. i kept a notebook to write down ideas and scraps of poetry whenever it came to me, even if i was working on schoolwork at the time; also see what you can cut out of your schedule–like facebook or tv time–to allow time for writing. if you love it, you’ll make time for it 😉


    • That sounds like a good idea. I’ll probably modify it a bit because I find I work best when I don’t limit myself to specific quotas, but the idea of writing a little everyday is a good one.


  4. Make a list of everything then mark the really important ones that must be done. After that is done mark the most important “want’a dos” add them to your list. This list is for the week, I do mine on Sunday night.


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