Picture Prompts

In lieu of my usual fare, I’ve found two photos in the depths of my hard drive you can use to inspire a piece of writing. Both were taken by me, and you can use them if you post your response, but please link back to this post. I’d like to read your responses to the prompts, either through the comments directly or through a link placed in a comment. Click the images to see full size.

I’ve used prompts every so often when stuck or bored, often writing within pre-existing worlds of my novels to help me get a better handle on a particular character or setting. They can be a great source of world-building, character development or unblocking.


5 thoughts on “Picture Prompts

  1. The first one didn’t do it for me, quite as much, but I absolutely loved the second one. Awesome possibilities opened up. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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