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I’ve been wondering something about my fellow bloggers, particularly regular visitors. I consider it an achievement to have comments on all my recent posts (which is happening more often these days as my writing transitions from self-indulgent ramble to actually useful for other writers). Is this the case for you guys? Do you get a lot of blog comments or very few, and what is your definition of these numbers? How about “likes” for you other WordPress people? And how often do people share your posts on other social networks? Feel free to answer in the comments.

I tend to get at least one comment on a new post within a day or two of posting, but this is quite a recent occurrence, and consider anything more than three comments from other users to be a lot. I get a fair few WordPress “likes”, maybe between one and three every few days, but not a lot of shares if my own aren’t included. I’d like to know how other bloggers’ experiences differ from my own.


24 thoughts on “Interaction On Your Blog

  1. I since I blog from LiveJournal, I speak to the ‘liking’ feature from WordPress folks, but I will say I tend to get better traffic if I “advertise” the blog post somewhere else. Like if I have a longer-than-comment-sized response to another blog, particular for YA trends, I’ll drop a comment on that person’s blog and say, “Hey, I like what you said about X, and I wrote this also.” Other commenters sometimes follow me from there.

    Or if I drop an update onto my personal LiveJournal (Glitter n Gore is my “professional, writing-oriented” journal; the other one’s for fandom squee and the like), my online friends who follow me there will comment. Or if I post an update on FaceBook, my friends there will sometimes comment.

    And there’s the AW blogroll of course, which I’ve only just started getting into.

    It’s very rare that I get people just commenting out of the blue. I have to post a link somewhere else first.


    • I share my posts on the AW “YA Blogroll” and “Did you update your blog today?” threads, which gets me a few viewers. I need to get into commenting on other blogs more and stop being a shy little turtle. I have a few regular visitors here who make up most of the comments and enjoy getting a variety of comments.


  2. My own 2 cents on the subject. I’ve really only picked up my blog again since late October, as I was doing NaNo for the first time and wanted to chronicle the experience. I think that’s where I’ve gotten a few random likes, followers and comments, that NaNoWriMo tag that’s currently going on all the entries. There are a lot of us doing and blogging about NaNo it seems.

    Other than that, it’s mostly my friends and family who read and comment on my blog, many of them finding it through the one share I have, which is my own on Facebook. I’m not on any blogrolls yet, but I’m starting to think I should at least look into it.

    An average week for me seems to be a couple of comments, across about three entries. It seems to be picking up lately as I’m writing more (for NaNo), but it’s still the same people commenting. I’m always amazed and flattered by any random people who like/follow my blog.

    It might change when NaNo is over, and change again when I finish my novel and start talking about other things. We’ll see. I’ll get back to you on that.


    • I’ll look forward to hearing how things change. NaNoWriMo does tend to attract a fair few readers, which may account for why I’ve had more views on my blog this month than ever before.


  3. I fear I’m still in that self-indulgent ramble phase with mine. 😀 I’ve had a few comments on random posts which have been really nice but I’m only just starting out in blogging so it’s going to be quiet for me for a while. I usually get a few comments when I’ve done Road Trip Wednesday on YA Highway, which is quite good for getting to know other people and being introduced to other blogs.

    There’s not much on my blog now apart from RTW and posts on NaNo so I’m going to look into different features I can put in and get a bit of variety to it – it must look quite boring and repetitive at the mo.


  4. Comments also make me happy 🙂 I am starting to get more (I just started my blog in October). I have some “regulars” from AW. Since I am enjoying the blogging experience as well as learning a lot from others, I do have a tendency to leave comments to the blogs I follow myself. I think that got my traffic a bit up. I also had one post which got tweeted which put a big smile on my face…

    Overall, blogging allows me to work on my writing, share my thoughts, network with other writers and get advice 🙂 I love it!


    • AW regulars are the best. I’m trying to get more into commenting, but I’m actually pretty shy (believe it or not) so it’s taking me a while to come out of my shell. Other people sharing your posts is a cause for a little happy dance, and a blog is a good base in the social networking world because it’s sort of the “home” people will look at when trying to see what you’re all about, which is why I link to it on every website I use.


  5. It really depends on what I’m posting about. Some posts get nothing and others sock it in – and it’s a tough call which is going to do what. I think it depends on the weather or what’s in the water. Or something.


  6. this is my first time stopping by and taking the time to read your blog, i’d peeked at it a few times, but NaNoWriMo was taking up so much of my time that it was only brief visits.

    if i see that a blog is updated regularly, and that it doesn’t garner loads of comments each time, i do try and make the effort to comment if something catches my eye or i have an opinion or advice to share.

    i do this, because i’d like for people to do the same to mine.

    it can be disheartening not to have comments straight away, but i have to remind myself that i am writing for me, rarely for anyone else. and that i don’t need the instant gratification, my blog and it’s posts will be around for a long time for people to discover.

    but instant gratification sure is nice.


  7. I started blogging in October, and I average about 4 comments per post, although that varies considerably. The posts that get the most comments are generally shorter, somewhat funny (emphasis on the somewhat), and have some kind of a hook at the end, like this post of yours here does where you ask the readers to think about something and respond.


  8. I get a comment here and there. Honestly it’s because I don’t publicize my blog as much as other fellow readers do. I really only got serious about blogging recently so I’m still learning here the ropes.

    Plus, not all my posts are discussion topics.

    It is what it is. Can’t expect a new blog to be the most viewed blog on the web just like that! 😀


    • Most of my posts aren’t good for discussion. It’s only the more recent ones have been good for that. You’ll get readers over time when people find you and become recurring readers. That’s where I get most of my views and comments from, people who keep coming back.


  9. I’ve been getting a few comments here and there recently as I figure out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve figured out that a blend of ranting and helpfulness makes for a more successful post. At least, that’s what works for my blog. People also tend to like examples. So if I’m talking about showing versus telling and can put together some good examples, it helps

    I also figured out tags that are in phrases work much better than one word tags. Still learning, but it’s helping. And I need to work on commenting and interacting on other blogs too.


    • Helpful rants are both entertaining and informative. I like seeing examples when something is being discussed, because then it’s easier to see how I may be apply that kind of thing to my own work. I’m guessing that might be why other people like them, too.


  10. When I started I only posted twice a month, I was figuring out what I was doing and I joined SheWrites at the same time and was curious about other bloggers, so asked the WordPress group to ‘Tell Me about your Blog’ so we can all visit, it was like a short intense course in blogging and one of the first blogs I visited had written a post on blogging etiquette, so I learned straight away that if you want your blog to be a success, you should make the effort to comment when you visit other blogs (it’s only polite she says). Once you start commenting you lose the shyness, at least I did, quite the opposite, I became confident to comment and discovered that it allowed me to have different conversations that I don’t necessarily have on my blog, where I mostly review books. My blog hits and comments grew and that motivated me to post more often and now I’m hooked.

    It sounds like you are doing all the right things, indulge your freedom to comment and share your wonderful insights, you will be rewarded I am quite sure.


    • I definitely comment more often than I did when starting out. I’ve always been a little wary of talking to strangers, because I have a tendency to be awkward and make an idiot out of myself.


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