Day 5 – 35k

I pulled out a high word count day again yesterday, so I’m going to post two excerpts.

We had moved onto glamors in illusions class. Naturally, I sucked completely and Elizabeth was amazing.

We were supposed to be turning the skin color on our arms to something more tanned, more human. Most revenants who entered the human world used glamors to pass as humans.

Elizabeth was gallivanting around the classroom with all her skin tanned like these surfers I’d seen down at the beach one day. They had been great to have a stare at. An Australian exchange student had called it perving. I liked the sound of that.

Anyway, I hadn’t been quite so successful with my glamor. I had seen a shimmer of the tan I’d used to have, but it disappeared. I concentrated harder on my hand.

The next thing I knew, the damn thing had turned purple.

And here’s another in the ongoing Gwen/Caleb saga. This one has some strong language in it, I’ll warn you. Funnily enough, this is their first civil conversation… or part of it anyway. The whole thing was a scene in itself and a bit long to post here. (Just a quick explanation: Dragan is the main villain, who killed both of these characters on separate occasions. Alistair raised them as revenants and took them under his wing)

Caleb smiled slightly crookedly, showing his straight teeth. “Magic is more like an art than an exact science.” He stabbed a piece of meat with his fork. “It’s a bit different for everyone. Alistair’s got the right idea teaching us all together, though. The teachers are good at catering to different learning styles, much better than high school.”

“Those teachers have a curriculum set by the state, though,” I replied. “They can’t do much about it. Things are easier for teachers here.”

“Yeah, Alistair gives them the flexibility to do their jobs.” Caleb popped the meat in his mouth, swallowing before he spoke again. “It’s weird thinking of him as a fighter. He’s way too—”

“Proper,” I finished for him. “Have you ever seen him fight?”

Caleb shook his head. “No, but Elizabeth has. She says it’s, and I quote, fucking terrifying.”

“I want to see it.”

Caleb grinned. “Really? You’re braver than I am, then. I bet Dragan had a hell of a time with you.”

“Oh, you don’t know the half of it,” I said, trying to sound ominous but failing massively. We laughed.

So there you go. I’m off to keep writing 🙂

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