NaNoWriMo is Almost Here

In 12 hours from the publication of this post (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time), NaNoWriMo will begin. My outline is set and I’m raring to go. I’ve chosen a daily word count goal of 2,000, since I like rounded numbers and I have four exams and a university audition during the month so I need to get ahead early.

I have my profile and novel info all up and running and have started building a group of writing buddies.

NaNo progress bar 31/10/2011I’m armed with a notebook, pen and my laptop, auto-correct at the ready to fix my typos. Images of my characters are fixed in my head, bursting with magic and energy. My main character is innocent, as of yet unaware of the terrors I have waiting for her. The cheer squad is assembled. My villain is waiting in the wings, sharpening his black, glossy nails and preparing his zombie minions for a whole lotta hurtin’. My love interest is practising his broody expressions and cheerleader insults while the Travelling Shovel of Death is sitting innocently in the corner, waiting for my main character to kick some zombie butt.

Oh, yeah. I’m ready. Bring. It. On.


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