YA Paranormal Market Oversaturated?

I’ve been hearing whispers that editors are not buying up YA paranormal anymore. The market is saturated at the moment, certainly, but teens I know who actually read the stuff, myself included, have never complained of having too many options to read. It’s always the people who have a bone to pick with YA in general who say there’s too much. Naturally, I’m concerned about editors being tired of paranormal when the audience is not. I love YA paranormal and fantasy and paranormal romance. Well, the good stuff anyway.

I suppose there isn’t much writers can do about it. I’m going to keep writing my paranormal stuff because… screw the market. I write for myself first. Besides, my main project is a dystopian fantasy and dystopians are supposedly selling right now, so maybe that one has a chance. If my paranormal projects don’t, well, I’m going to write them anyway. Because I can.

3 thoughts on “YA Paranormal Market Oversaturated?

  1. These editors would be crazy to abandon the YA supernatural market. Especially with two of the biggest book series of this generation coming to a close (Harry Potter, Twilight). There are still countless stories that have yet to be told (dystopian does seems to be the next break through genre). There are still so many new authors that have yet to be discovered. Plus I always feel that you can never have too many options either in good YA reads either. So as long as the teens keep craving YA storylines, this market will remain golden. By the way LOVE that mentality of writing for yourself first. As another aspiring writer I too feel that it’s important to write what you know and what you love. Or else why write?


  2. The novel I am writing is a realistic setting with paranormal elements. I believe it is an original enough plot and interesting characters that it will be picked up.

    I reciently looked through a site of literary agents. Many of them listed paranormal as something they represent or even prefer.

    I understand that there are fads that agents and editors go through depending on the market, but I believe if the story is good enough, someone will love it.

    So I also say, keep writing what you love.



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