Considering Query Shark

I’m considering submitting a query to Query Shark for critique, since I’ve been reading the posts and agree with most of what the critiquer, literary agent Janet Reid has written. I only recently returned to drafting query letters after I became frustrated with the Absolute Write critique section due to the differing opinions. Although they did help me avoid many newbie mistakes and focus my query, the conflicting advice later down the track after I had drafted a passable, but not especially good, query became difficult for me to handle. I don’t have thick skin. I’m one of the most sensitive people I know, and not in a good way.

Hopefully a critique won’t sting as much coming from a literary agent, who reads query letters daily as part of her duties. That is, if my letter is chosen in the first place. If it’s not, chances are I’ve made the same mistakes she’s already written about on the Query Shark Blog. The good news is, if my query letter is good enough that she’d request pages if this was a letter from the slush pile, she will definitely post it. If my letter makes unique mistakes she hasn’t written about to death, she might post it.

This is something I’ll have to sleep on. Maybe I’ll try to condense my letter a little more, too, and read over the Query Shark blog archives before I think about submitting.

Edit: My query letter has been sent. Hopefully it’s not dreadful…


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