Poetic Inspiration

I haven’t written much lately, to be perfectly honest. I haven’t had the time or the energy, or I’ve been, admittedly, quite lazy. However, I believe I may have found a way to keep me writing.

The next SAC (school-assessed coursework, basically a major test) I have to do for my year twelve Literature class is a creative task based on one of the works we have studied. Our teacher gave us time to practise this week writing either a poem or work of prose (short story, short essay, etc.) based on two of William Blake’s poems. While at first I found it difficult and restrictive to draw inspiration from the two she had selected, I started to get ideas when we were reading one of the poems in class.

Within the remainder of that ninety-minute class, I had finished a short story packed with the kinds of themes Blake explored within his poetry, particularly the injustices of the English Industrial Revolution. Before that class, I hadn’t finished a short story in several months and I hadn’t worked much on any of my novels, either.

I generally don’t draw heavy inspiration from other works, although bits and pieces of what I read do end up in my writing, but there was something invigorating in consciously doing so. Maybe the next time I’m stuck, I’ll pull out William Blake’s poems again and see what comes out.


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