It’s Okay To Drop The Ball

I’m painfully aware I wrote my previous blog post last month, breaking my attempted weekly posting pattern. My novel has gone neglected for over a week. I’ve managed to draft snatches of its sequel here and there, but it doesn’t feel like enough. Recently year twelve (senior year for you Americans) has taken a turn for the time-devouring. I’ve sat many major tests (or School-Assessed Coursework, shortened to SACs) this term and three of them have received As or higher, shocking me and, apparently, nobody else. In short, I’ve had very very very little time for writing and may have dropped the ball.

In my wanderings on the internet, I have encountered other writers who, for varying reasons, were unable to write. Invariably these people seemed to feel crippling guilt over the neglect of their work. I do too. However, it’s important to remember that sometimes life will take our time and energy usually reserved for writing and there’s nothing we can do about it. The truth is, it’s okay to drop the ball every once in a while. While your writing will still be there after neglect, often other aspects of life won’t be. Life, by its very definition, is demanding, time-consuming and ever-changing. We need to sort out our priorities, putting the important things such as school, work and family before writing.

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