Random January News

I think I’ve finally broken through the long-running block that was preventing me from writing more than a few words a day. I’m not sure what did it. It could’ve been the brief respite from History homework I got from reading my Literature class text, though I’m not particularly fond of that book, or it could have just been the fact that I finished writing the really tricky part and I can now see the end of this draft. Or maybe it’s because I’ve finally reached the end of that huge section of new material I’ve added to the story.

Whatever it is, I’m hoping this second wind lasts for a while, since I’ve become disillusioned with classes already and I need something that I enjoy. Otherwise I will quite possibly go insane. Well, even more than I already am.

Writing aside, things are starting to pick up again in life. I can feel the holidays coming to an end. I’ll be back in school Friday week. Then the week after there’s school camp, so I might not be around much.

In other news, I recently read two novels: White Cat by Holly Black and The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff. Loved them both. Go read them. They both have male protagonists with awesome voices. And check out Hannah Moskowitz’s cover for her 2012 release Gone, Gone, Gone.

2 thoughts on “Random January News

  1. Congrats! I was having the same dilemma a couple days ago, decided to blog about it, and not too long after that burst of melodrama I managed to crap out 1,000 words. Same goes for yesterday.
    It’s a wonderful feeling.


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