Book Piracy

Lilith Saint Crow regularly posts about the assumption writers are greedy if they want to be paid for their work. Her most recent post is here (here‘s the followup post) and there are olders ones here and here. She pretty much says it all a lot better than I could and I share her opinion. I believe that paying for a creator’s work means you enjoy what they do and want to help support them in continuing to create. Some writers, like Lilith, manage to make a living by writing full-time and I think that’s awesome that they can. Since after university I’m going to have to earn some kind of income, I would like to be able to write full-time, even though I doubt it will happen as full-time writers have become a rare beast these days. Gone are the days when a wealthy patron would finance the writer’s work as he churned out page after page of writing by the candlelight. These days, barring grants and supportive parents and spouses, we have to pay our own way.


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