And Out of the Hole I Crawl…

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I officially began year twelve two weeks ago and have spent said two weeks in devilishly mind-stabbing classes. Also, I’ve actually been doing my homework. And not getting writing done because the computers in the year twelve centre hate flash drives with a burning passion only fulfilled by completely disallowing their use. I’m finally (FINALLY!!) on school holidays and have used up my free World of Warcraft game time (sad face). Since I’m refusing to acknowledge the holiday homework school forced onto me and my only utterly addictive pastime has been taken from my grasp, I’m going to write.

Isn’t it ironic that my last post was about fighting procrastination and that it was followed by approximately two weeks of little to no writing? I’ll try to be good. I promise. I edited half a chapter today! I’m filled with more pride than is really warranted. Though, to be fair, I had to completely reconstruct an important conversation that made up most of this section from scratch. At least, I think it’s important.

I have a feeling I’ve reached the point where I really have to work to get this thing done. I’ve gone from loving everything I write to feeling inadequate. But that’s okay. I knew it wouldn’t all be fun and games, and I raise my eyebrow in the general direction of anyone who says otherwise.


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