Fighting Procrastination

Writing the previous post reminded me of the things I have to do to prevent myself from wasting my time on anything but writing. I think a little story is in order.

I have days when I can’t write in the same room as my computer. Turning off my internet without the help of extra software (which I’m a little wary of) involves pulling the ethernet cord out of my computer, which is no small task. The thing is wedged in there like someone took to it with a welder. I’ve given up on that, as putting it back in afterwards is about as frustrating as taking it out in the first place.

So sometimes I have to find other places to write. My favourite place is the music room, despite the absence of tables. I can close myself in there and not hear anyone else in the house. I can drop my books on an extra stool and take piano breaks. The good thing about this is that I’m not all that great a pianist, so the time I spend on the piano is limited. Besides, I’m supposed to practise anyway.

In the music room, I only have two options: practise the piano or write. This works for me because I am easily frustrated when I have trouble playing. That’s when I turn to my notebook. I’ve written entire chapters holed up in that room, from which I emerge triumphant and ready to type my creation. I don’t write a lot on the computer, because computer access at school is limited and I write at school when I don’t have anything else to do (or if I don’t feeling like doing what I’m supposed to).

I’ve also written standing at the kitchen bench, in the lounge room while watching standup comedy (not a good idea when writing tragic scenes) and sometimes on the school bus, though a combination of noisy (demon) children and travel sickness limit what I can do.

Now, off to the music room to get this novel going again…


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