I’m on the verge of a major edit that will require changing almost every word up until the final showdown. It will change the relationship between my main character, Darian, and the love interest, Valora, even more than I already have. I spent most of yesterday procrastinating because I knew it’d be big, and only managed to write down a summary of the beginning of the change.

These past few chapters have had a lot changed because I’m removing a certain part of Darian and Valora’s relationship that puts them at the point where the only things separating them are Darian’s increasingly flimsy reasons, which didn’t ring true for me at all. So now, rather than a whole ‘I don’t want to be in a relationship with you because I think everyone close to me dies’ it is ‘I don’t believe my friend who says Valora likes me’.

But even removing that, and shifting the full moon to before they end up where they are due to a change in travel times (so they’re more realistic), is nothing compared to what’s coming up. The characters’ escape from the two main bad guys requires using magic that is not mentioned before (also due to another edit: removing some magic-sharing, which didn’t work all that much anyway) and that Darian, with his inexperience, is unlikely to be aware of anyway.

So instead Valora will engage the bad guys, being the most experienced with offensive magic, allowing the others to escape. Then they have to work out how to save her, hoping that the main bad guys will lock her up somewhere and leave so the good guys can get her without getting themselves killed.

Even after I’ve managed that, and returned to the main storyline, Valora will be traumatized by her time in the governmental outpost she is taken to. One of the major bad guys is at fault for this. And then I have to get them back home… well, in their home country anyway, and onto the next stage of their journey. This time the journey itself will have more to it, rather than a short chapter depicting the institutionalised feel of the military vessel, the bad food, and a storm that make one of Darian’s seasick friend extremely… well, sick.

Now it will have Darian dealing with Valora’s promiscuity and, after a discussion with one of her close friends, attributing it to what happened to her when she was imprisoned. Darian will also have more a struggle to not hate her for her behaviour, whereas in earlier drafts his irritation barely garnered a mention.

So, yeah, I’ve got a fair bit to do, and I’m freaking out just a little because I know the new sections are going to need plenty more editing once they’re written. My crap-filter doesn’t work too well when I’m writing new stuff. Well, better get to it…

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