Writing: Find the Time or Don’t (via Whatever)

Finding the time to write is really essence of writing in my opinion. It’s the key to everything. If you don’t sit your butt down and write, then none of the stuff about editing or adverbs or dialogue tags or query letters OR ANYTHING matters. I’ve heard other writers refer to this as Butt In Chair, or BIC for short. BIC is the key that unlocks the door to needing all the other writing advice out there.

Here’s what John Scalzi has to say on the subject:

Over the last couple of months I’ve gotten a fair number of letters from aspiring writers who want to write but find themselves plagued by the vicissitudes of the day, i.e., they’ve got jobs, and they’re tiring, and when they come home they just want to collapse in front of the TV/spend time with family/blow up anthills in the backyard/whatever. And so they want to know two things: One, how I keep inspired to write; two, how one manages to find t … Read More

via Whatever


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