Being Opinionated

I am opinionated, as a reader of any of my posts would agree. I even added a new post category titled ‘Opinion Alert’ to cover this. The problem with being outspoken on the internet is that anyone can put you down for it. I am lucky to have not had this happen within the writing community, since most of us are decent human beings who are capable of using our brains to formulate appropriate responses to situations.

Even with this in mind, there are times when two people on the internet won’t get along. This often happens between strong, opinionated writers of many different types. Because this is such a subjective business, which even I know without having ever submitted a book to an agent or editor, opinions will vary. The one surefire way to avoid conflict of any kind would be to just not become involved at all, not share your opinion. However, by doing so you will make yourself invisible. The purpose of the internet is to share. The purpose of writing communities is the same, be it opinions, writing, information or ourselves.

We humans are social creatures. Writing communities help alleviate the lonely feelings that writing can bring. We can make new friends, or pick up new readers, by putting ourselves out there and being noticed. We will also have our fair share of conflict. It comes with the territory. Still, is it not better to have made many friends while finding one or two writers who rub you the wrong way than to hide and lose all the benefits just so there will be no drawbacks? So let’s share our opinions, act like reasonable human beings and reap the benefits that a global writing community provides.


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