Random News

The blog has a new look, since I was sick of the dark background and white text. I was seeing stripes. Not good.

In other news, I just finished the second draft of my novel, which brought the wordcount from 147,000 to 110,000. I am happy with this, and am already preparing to tear it apart more. I’m glad I’ve gotten past the stage where I think everything I write is ‘teh awesomest shizz in teh whole werld’. Ahem. Moving on.

I’m going to look a little closer at the motivations for my four major characters, as something doesn’t seem quite right to me. I don’t think I explained their reasons for going off to save the world that well. Already planning to fix that, having written down some ideas that will require a fair bit of rewriting. I don’t mind as long as my story is stronger for it 🙂


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