Why I Like Twilight – A Depressing Revelation

(Disclaimer: Despite the critical edge to this post, I do actually enjoy Twilight. However, this is in spite of its numerous failings rather than a refusal to acknowledge them.)

(Disclaimer 2: Please enjoy the million-and-one parentheses in this post.)

An idea came to me when I was brushing my teeth last night, as ideas seem to wait for the most ridiculous moment to show themselves. Regardless of how this came to me, but I realized there was a parallel between my first drafts, and earlier finished pieces, and how the Twilight Saga was written. One of the reasons I believe I like Twilight is because there is a sense of familiarity. Up until last night, I hadn’t thought much about it. Now I know.

My writing is like Twilight. I’d ask to be shot right now, but I have a schedule to keep. I remember my earlier writing, particularly that of my Harry Potter fanfiction days, and realize that the random swings of emotion, the overreactions, the underreactions, the whinging, the annoying word choices (Damn you, greedily and noisily! I hate you with every fibre in my body. But that’s a gripe for another day.), et cetera, were mistakes I made myself. And most likely still make, if my first draft of Coldfire is anything to go by (cringe).

Still, one can hope (read: beg desperately) that my writing will be as widely read and loved (and hopefully not quite as hated) by as many people as Twilight boasts.

So there you have it, your little dose of self-loathing from yours truly. Let the frustrations of this lowly writer incite tears of sympathy or snorts of derision. Whatever. I don’t care how you react. You still bothered to read my crap. And that makes me happy 🙂

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