Won’t The Editing Be Fun?!

I just looked at my updated (Microsoft Word-generated and therefore inaccurate) wordcount. I appear to have typed over 120,000 words. I have approximately seven more chapters to type, and plenty more to write. This is going to be huge, and I will have to be ruthless in cutting out all the useless banter I can’t help myself but sprinkle ubiquitously throughout my creation. My original plan to ask English teachers and friends for feedback has officially fallen through. I would not read 120,000 words of crap and therefore cannot expect anyone else to, either. The first edit will be a solo act, methinks.

And, yes, I admit that it’s crap. I reread some of the earlier novel and wasn’t sure whether to laugh or throw something. Being the inherently impatient and rude person I am, I have not developed the ability to laugh it off yet. I’m getting there. I will get there.

This has been another completely random and pointless blog post from yours truly.


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