Huge, Overblown, Inaccurate Wordcount

I’m in the middle of typing up a backlog of finished chapters of my novel, which I haven’t finished writing yet. So far, I have written 115,671 words according to Microsoft Word’s oft-inaccurate wordcount function. I’ve also been including the story title and chapter title as part of it, because I’m too lazy to highlight only the story part. I have about seven more chapters to type right now, so the count is going to soar. I’m using Microsoft Access to keep tabs on how many chapters I have, how many words, average wordcounts and so on. That is the one thing I took away from last year’s Information Technology class. Handy.

I’m under the impression that most writers either write too much or too little. I’m not sure what any of you think, but I prefer to write too much because it’s easier to cut stuff out than to have to come up with oodles of new material, which I’ll probably have to do in the end anyway. What do you guys think is easier? Do you write too much or too little?

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