Aren’t Sporadic Posts Fun? On Topic: Musical Inspiration

I’m a horrible, bad blogger. I’m sorry I haven’t updated more often. I’d give excuses like school starting back up (just finished week 2 of the year!), but I am essentially lazy. Aaaaaanyway…

I woke up today with a kind of awesome idea. I say ‘kind of’ because most of my awesome ideas turn stupid on the page. What I found strange with this one in particular was that it came with its own music, and was set out cinematically…more so than usual. The song that came with it was “Heaven” by Brian Adams, though it was a female version that sounded like Carrie Underwood was singing it. I can’t remember who it actually was, but it’s one I’ve heard before. Back on topic, I played the thing out in my head before I had to get up. I’d wanted to sleep in for another hour, being that it was the weekend, but both the idea and the toilet beckoned. I know, too much information.

I haven’t written the scene yet, but I’ve started it. I know how it’s going to play out in that vague, idea-y sort of way. It’s probably going to be the only really romantic scene in the entire book. I hope I don’t screw it up, because I’d rather not depress myself when it comes to the second draft. Has anybody else had an idea that came complete with its own soundtrack? It’s not my first, exactly, but it’s definitely the first one where the music was definite from the start.

Update: The singer of the version I had in my head was by Kate DeArugo, who won Australian Idol a few years back. Funny how I still remember some of it.


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