The Difference Between “I HAVE to do it” and “I WANT to do it”

Remember in school all those books your English teacher made you read? Books that, even if you liked reading, you wouldn’t pick up in a bajillion years? How about having to review these books, pretending that you found anything good about them? Since I’m still in school, I’m still in the middle of this. However, there are times when you read a book that maybe, just maybe, you could’ve liked…if you weren’t being forced to read it. I remember having to read The Lord of the Flies, which I didn’t mind too much. I might’ve liked it if we hadn’t been reading it aloud in class at a pace even slower than that of a snail. However, we had to do a huge set of questions for each group of chapters and that sucked all possible enjoyment out of the book.

That is an example of “I have to do it” as opposed to “I want to do it”. Book reviews and sets of questions, and all those sorts of things are firmly set in the “I have to” pile. As such, I can’t bring myself to give an in-depth review of any book. I will have to do that plenty of times in the upcoming school year. I have attempted to start book reviews of my own accord, but it’s definitely not what I want to do. Ever. As such, I will not be reviewing books on this blog. Any “reviews” will be limited whether or not I liked the book, and maybe a few reasons why.

There are already so many things that we have to do.


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