My First Published Work

I now hold in my hands my first ever published piece of work. I am featured in the second issue of “Babel’s Gate” anthology put together by Richard Egan, which I have written in my publishing credits section already. Of course, until today all I had was the knowledge of publication. Now I have my own copy.

There’s something special about holding your work when it’s out on sale, all prettied up and ready to be read by others. I was very lucky that I had a say in how my work was to be presented. I was unhappy with the changes made, and asked if it could remain the way it was. I am very happy with the result. Of couse, the font and everything had to be the same as everyone else’s but that was perfectly fine. The anthology has to look like it’s the one thing afterall.

When I return to school next year, I have a teacher who wants to see my work. Things are going well, and would be even better if my novel wasn’t being difficult.


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