The Novels I Want To Read This Summer

I am now offically on school holidays in Australia and have been looking for ways to amuse myself.

The site regularly has interviews with the authors of Young Adult books. I was scrolling down the site one day when I noticed there were authors whose books seemed to really be my thing. All of this reminded me of other books I’ve wanted to read but never got a chance to, as well. Here’s the list of books I want to read this summer:

Willow by Julia Hoban, the only non-Speculative Fiction book on this list

Dune by Frank Herbert, a Science Fiction classic

Wings by Aprilynne Pike

Moonstone by Marilee Brothers

Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender has an excellent Look Inside feature so I’ve read the first chapter or so of most of these books. So far, I’m impressed with what I’ve seen. Whoever came up with the Look Inside feature was a clever person indeed. A big problem with online bookstores is that you can’t hold the book and read the first few pages to get a feel for the book. has solved this problem and, since my mother buys a lot of things from the site, I will most likely use this on a regular basis. Once I’ve read one of these books, I’ll write up what I thought of it. It probably won’t be a proper review but it should give a general idea of what I like and don’t like about a book.

Well, that’s provided I’m not too busy reading.


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