Writing Rituals

I’m strange in the way that I have certain things I always do when I write. For example, I write with an extremely purple pen even though I can easily grab my favourite blue one. It’s been that way since my Phantom of the Opera promotional pen died on me. I wrote my 100,000th word with this one pen, so I suppose I feel attached to it because of that milestone. Still, it’s likely I’ve written more with that blue Parker pen that a friend bought for me over three years ago. Recently, I found refills for this pen. I was more excited than I really should have been, to be honest.

It seems that we all have our little quirks when it comes to writing. Some people need absolute silence while writing, others write best with music, and others like me can write reasonably well in a crowded room by creating our own silence. I feel weird in a completely quiet room while writing, since I do most of my writing at school whenever I have spare time. Sometimes I use music to combat this, but the majority of the time, even with the mood playlists I compiled, the wrong song comes on at the wrong moment and makes writing difficult. For the most part, I think I work best if the music is background noise rather than right in my ears like an iPod. Orchestral pieces seem to work well, like the New Moon score. It’s not quite domineering enough to break my focus.

Routine seems to help with the ease of writing. Repeated rituals or just similar environments are comfortable and safe. Anything new feels a bit strange and takes a long time to settle in as a good idea.

Yes, today is full of my customary ramble. Just a bunch of errant thoughts on a vaguely coherent theme.


3 thoughts on “Writing Rituals

  1. I have notebooks. It doesn’t matter if I do most of my writing on a laptop, I need notebooks to help get me going. Not just any notebook either, they have to be special lucky notebooks, or a brand new one that at least has the potential to be a special lucky notebook. ^^


  2. Writers really do need to find what works for them. I’ve learnt not to start writing until after I’ve fed the cat in the evening, mostly because otherwise writing failure and scratches will follow. Thanks for sharing this post.


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